A new approach to treatment-resistant depression

We recognize that there is currently a need for access to fast-acting and effective therapeutic interventions for patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression. An effective treatment requires an approach based on a complete assessment and a comprehensive therapeutic plan that includes pharmacological and non-pharmacological components, seeking an intervention based on a biopsychosocial model.

Over the last two decades, research into psychedelic drugs has been producing evidence that points to their effectiveness and safety in treating people diagnosed with Depression.

The medicine used in this treatment meets Level 1 of Scientific Evidence in the Treatment of Depression, being indicated in the most recent international treatment guidelines.

Meet our clinical team

SOMA's core team is made up of two Psychiatry doctors with specialized training and clinical experience in the use of psychedelics in psychiatric disorders. This team works together with other mental health professionals from Casa de Saúde de Santa Catarina, so that all necessary care is provided during treatment.